Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to audition for the training team?

Auditions for the training team are not typical dancer auditions. They are held on a rolling basis - you will be asked to attend a training team class/workshop and you will be assessed on your retention and execution of the moves during that class. You will also get to assess the pace and our teaching style to make sure this is a good fit for you! We will discuss your level after the class and recommend a placement.

What do you cover in the training team?

Our goal for our training team is to develop strong, well-rounded dancers who not only understand the movements of different Latin dance styles, but also understand the history and culture. We focus on an intensive curriculum that guides you through basic, intermediate, and advanced concepts including: timing, body movement, footwork, arm styling, and more.

When are CARAMELO and CANELA auditions held and what can I expect?

CANELA auditions are held end of March and August. CARAMELO auditions are held in April and August. During auditions (typically 1 hour) you will have a short warm-up and dive into learning a choreographed piece (shine). We will assess your retention and execution of moves. Based on your auditions, we will recommend a team appropriate for your level.

What should I bring to class?

We recommend you wear breathable leggings and comfortable tops to dance in. We do a lot of stretching in class so you want to make sure you can easily move around. We also recommend bringing salsa dance shoes to class although some people prefer jazz shoes. Listen to your body! A reusable water bottle is a must since we really get a good work-out in every class! Lastly, we recommend you bring a notebook to take notes on feedback you receive from the instructors.

What if I want to try out a class first?

Reach out to us to set up a time when you can audit a class and see how we teach. We also teach at socials, events and separate workshops so you can see the style of dance we like to do!

Do you only teach salsa?

We are a predominantly an on 2 salsa dance team. However we incorporate other styles of dance as well and have a lot of fun doing it! Some of the ones we are currently exploring include cha cha, pachanga, rumba styles (guaguancó, columbia, yambú). Our guest artists bring their own expertise to inform our dance styles!