Our Training Team

When you train together, you dance better! Our Training Team is a 6 month team dedicated to your growth as a dancer. We train 2 hours a week and focus on various elements of dance. We practice every Sunday from 12 - 2 pm at 7 Temple Place, Cambridge, MA.


What do you cover in the training team?

We focus on an extensive curriculum that guides you through basic, intermediate, and advanced dance concepts including: timing, body movement, footwork, arm styling, and more. We are excited to develop a cross-functional curriculum that builds over time to be able to be applied in social dancing and performance.

Do you have guests artists?

We are thrilled to be able to bring a variety of talent to New England to train with our ladies every season! We appreciate and support local and international artists that are able to support our team and help us grow!

Do I need to audition for the training team?

You do not need to audition for our training team.

Performance Challenge

Training team members are able to join a performance challenge that is designed to help prepare training team members for our performance teams. This is a great step to take before jumping into a performance team.